About Hop and Beer temple in Žatec

Hop & Beer Temple is an amusement and educational complex, whose roots run deep in the rich tradition of the world-renowned hop-growing region. The attractive content of the tour will intrigue a broad variety of visitors. The programme is suitable for all age categories. During the visit to this tourist centre, many a secret of hop growing and good beer brewing will be revealed to you.

The tourist centre of Hop & Beer Temple consists of the following parts:

Hop Lighthouse will start the tour of Hop & Beer Temple. You will be taken to the bowels of the observation tower by an elevator, inside of which the first surprise in the form of a 3D animation awaits you. At the top of the tower, there is a viewing platform from which you can look across the Žatec region. The platform is accessible from a circumferential staircase. In the crown of the tower, there are also lights that inform the neighbourhood of any festive events taking place in the royal town of Žatec.

Labyrinth is located in the building of a former hop warehouse next to Hop Lighthouse. There is the treasure of the hop-growing region hidden at the end of the maze. Unfortunately, this part of the tour is not suitable for visitors with restricted mobility due to its broken terrain.

Hop Museum houses the largest exposition of its kind in the world. It occupies the area of 4,000 square meters and introduces the developement of hop growing from the Early Middle Ages until now. Besides interesting museum collections, you will familiarise yourselves with the building, which a technical monument and an example of functional industrial architecture of the end of the 19th century in a town renowned for the world's finest quality hop.
You will learn why it is the Žatec region where the world's best hop is harvested and why it has had to be protected from low-quality imitations since as early as the Middle Ages.
You will be intrigued by historical photographs and documents on hop growing and beer brewing. You will also find interesting tools, mechanisation equipment and historical machines here.
Children can look forward to the museum's mascot – a hop goblin named Hop.

Hop Astronomical Clock, one of its kind in the world, will intrigue you with its nontraditional design. Just like everything else in Hop & Beer Temple, this clock has its own story.

“U Orloje (At the Clock)” Mini-Brewery is the logical continuation of the tour of the whole complex. Beer is brewed here in front of visitors. The ingredients necessary to brew tasty and healthy beer are displayed here. Properly mellowed beer is tapped directly from the brewery's reservoir tanks. Come and see what real Czech beer tastes like.

The brewery restaurant provides room to relax, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and taste regional dishes. In summer months, guests can also use the courtyard of the brewery restaurant. The southern garden with a children's café offers room for games and fun.

The Monastery gardens offers visitors a beautiful spot for leisure activities or just relaxing. While walking among beds of various shrubs and roses you will find a Hop Knights fountain, statue of Boreš of Saaz, a bust of John of Saaz, aviaries with birds, paddock for pets, and in the Herb garden an area with a playground, hop garden, vineyard, fountain and many and many other beautiful details. Rest rooms are also found here.

The Malt-house Gallery is a very unique historical building from the 16th century. It has undergone extensive reconstruction and currently offers the art gallery, an information centre with souvenirs, a public Internet access point with on-line information about Žatec, an exhibition called "Žatec in film" with short movie trailers from films shot in Žatec and its surroundings. There is also a small television studio for children, where they may try their acting skills in front of a camera and an archeological section with findings from the construction of the Hops and Beer Temple.