4. Chateau and the southern apartments – historical toys and prams

With a guide you will visit eight salons of the southern wing of the chateau with an exhibition of prams and toys by collector Hana Müllerová. The visitor walks through interiors that have not yet been restored, but are worth a visit because the salons hide fresco paintings from the 18th century, so far presented in the form of so-called restoration probes, stucco ceilings, parquet floors and other valuable originals Elements. The lecture focuses not only on the exhibition itself, but also on the older history of the building and the reconstruction and restoration that the chateau has been undergoing since 1997. This is a tour with limited opening hours, especially on Saturdays and public holidays. The tour lasts 35 minutes. The stated end of the opening hours is the moment when the last tour begins.

Basic information

  • duration 35 minutes
  • max. 26 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
21. 5.–24. 9. Sat 10.00–16.00
5. 7.–6. 7. Tue–Wed 10.00–16.00
28. 9. Wed 10.00–16.00
1. 10.–29. 10. Sat 10.00–15.00
28. 10. Fri 10.00–15.00
30. 10.–31. 12. closed


Czech guide tour

  • Adults (25-64 years old) 110 CZK
  • Seniors (65+ years old) 90 CZK
  • Youth (18-24 years old) 90 CZK
  • Children (6-17 years old) 40 CZK
  • Children (0-5 years old) free
  • Individuals accompanying disabled people (with a ZTP/P card) free
  • Journalists with appropriate press credentials * free
  • * Valid only for cardholders

reservation needed for groups only